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  • First Aid and CPR/AED Lecture
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you again for your energetic lecture on Monday. Everything was perfect!

    VP large Hospitality Company - 07/19/23

  • Anaphylaxis Class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much!! My nurses and staff loved your class and your teaching style. It was really informative and helpful.

    Director of Camp - 07/02/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for your excellent presentation – everyone who attended feels much better prepared should they encounter an emergency situation.

    We really appreciate your expertise!


    Director of Large Church and School

    Director of Religious Organization - 05/15/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much, the class was great and I think we all got a lot out of it.

    Law Office General Manager - 05/10/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Everyone spoke well of the training.
    Thanks for making a difficult topic accessible and non-traumatic.

    Director of Library - 05/08/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    It was great to have you as usual. Thank you for your time and expertise!

    I look forward to your next visit (and of course the mail with the certificates!

    Education Director - 05/02/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,
    It was great to see as always- the guys always enjoy your class.


    Upper Management of Fortune 500 Company - 04/20/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Thank you so much Chris,
    It’s always a pleasure to see you, and thank you for making something so Important, enjoyable.
    Your classes are always great!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Owner of Food Company

    Warm Regards,

    Owner of Large Food catering Company - 04/15/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you to you and Christine for coming to the office this morning. The class was great and very informative. I have attached the list of all participants.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of the day!

    Large Swimware Manufacturing Company - 04/14/23

    Good morning Chris!

    It was a great class, thank you so much for coming back.

    See you next year!

    Director of Large Resturant and Catering Company - 04/12/23

  • CPR/AED /First Aid
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for being you! I received several thank you’s for having the class. They loved it.

    Enjoy your days as well.


    HR Manager of International Firm - 02/11/23

  • CPR/AED BLS Course and AEDs
    Thank you so much for a great course you guys are so engaging!
    I would like to talk to you about pricing because we need probably another 20 units and I want to talk to you about maintenance , all in

    Owner of facility

    Owner of PT facilities - 11/13/22

  • Dear Chris,

    "I would like to take the opportunity to tell you what a pleasure it has been doing business with you from start to finish in this effort to replace the expired units in the district with the new. Your guidance and knowledge has been exemplary and one which has been accomplished in record time, from a requisition dated 9/2/22 to a PO dated 10/4/22. Your receiving the items and putting everything together and checking it on 10/6/22 and delivering the items all done to us on 10/6 or 10/7 is amazing at least and astonishing at best!!"

    LI Public School District Admin - 10/20/22

  • Thank you Chris for the wonderful course!
    We all enjoyed and learned a great deal from it.
    Received, thank you!

    - 10/17/22

  • Service
    Thanks Chris, very efficient!

    Very happy Customer - 10/06/22

  • CPR/AED Class
    Good morning Chris,

    Thank you for coming in yesterday, you received high praise from all of the participants and many learned something new.

    Regulatory Manager - 09/30/22

  • Good afternoon Chris,

    Thank you once again for the quick follow up to our order for the AED at the Sons of Italy Lodge. So far, we have 9 people certified and ready to go. The unit is great and your service was excellent.

    Since our purchase, it was brought to my attention that another organization was to purchase an AED at the same time we were. They are also running into the same issues on delivery. They were happy to hear about our great experience with you.
    Could you please contact them. I have copied him on this email.

    Thank you once again.

    Sons of Italy

    Trustee - 09/22/22

  • CPR/AED Class
    Thank YOU!

    Was a great class as usual!

    Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Director of Religous Organization - 09/12/22

  • CPR/AED Class
    Hello Chris ( Dr. Byron )

    I want to thank you and Christina for an incredible class today.

    The seminar and physical instructions were clear, concise, and very well demonstrated.

    We as a group greatly appreciate the life saving CPR, Choking, AED intel and Opioid and marijuana dialogue you gave with perfect clarity.

    It is invaluable to know as you stated we are now able to help save lives.

    I will be forwarding your recommendation to our national HSSE for additional AED devices and training.

    Senior Manager, Corporate Security US
    Risk, Insurance and Trade Advisory Solutions

    Senior Manager, Corporate Security US Risk, Insurance and Trade Advisory Solutions - 07/14/22

  • CPR/AED Class
    Thanks again.

    I got some great responses from the newly trained life savers.

    Everyone was impressed with what they learned and now know.

    Well done Sir !

    Director - 07/14/22

  • A Save
    Hi Guys,

    Last night was graduation on our field for Kids of Miller Place. Right before graduation started, a mom had a grand mal seizure, oy! All the years of having you train me went into action. I was calm and knew what to do, even telling someone to go to the parking lot entrance to tell the ambulance where to go, I figured they would think moose lodge as we are not usually open at night. I turned her on her side, made everyone stand back to give her space/air, mostly emotional support once she awakened until the EMS arrived.

    If not for your training, who knows what would have happened .....

    Thank you so much!!!


    Director of large Day Camp - 06/23/22