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  • CPR/AED Class
    Thank you so much! It was an excellent class. I learned a lot and I was not bored for even a second.

    NYS School Employee - 06/11/24

  • AEDs and CPR in Youth Sports
    Chris. I can’t thank you enough for the wealth of information and bailing me out. Spoke to the other members of the board last night and we are definitely going to go forward with the training for probably around 50 + people as well as several more devices. I will touch base with you next week at your convenience to coordinate the go forward plan.

    Again great meeting you and your wife and thank you for the time you took out of your day to go through this with me!!

    Board of Directors of Youth Leagues - 06/03/24

  • CPR/AED Class
    Thank you, Chris.
    Loved the new material.
    Have a great weekend!

    CEO large Library - 05/06/24

  • CPR/AED Class
    First, thank you for the training your provided in the past two weeks for my colleagues and me.
    The training makes a better and safer place to work and improves the communities in which we live.

    Director of large NYS Agency - 04/01/24

  • CPR/AED Class
    Thank you for being an awesome instructor Dr. Byron.

    Director of Facilities large NYS Agency - 03/25/24

  • Service
    Will do, thank you so much for your excellent response and assistance!

    Executive Director - 03/20/24

  • CPR/AED Class
    Thank you for the training. The class is very informative. Hope we never have to use it. However, knowing that we have the knowledge and training to possibly save a life, its a good thing. Thanks again!

    NYC Building Manager - 11/02/23

    Good morning Chris,

    It was a pleasure having you here and yes, the class went very well.

    Large Media Company, LI, NY - 11/01/23

  • CPR/AED Class
    Hi Dr. Chris,

    Thank you again for working with the PA Office staff. I received excellent feedback everyone enjoyed it.

    Large Construction Company in PA - 10/31/23

  • Anaphylaxis Class
    Thank you both so much! The class was great!

    Nurse from Special Needs School - 10/26/23

  • First Aid and CPR/AED Lecture
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you again for your energetic lecture on Monday. Everything was perfect!

    VP large Hospitality Company - 07/19/23

  • Anaphylaxis Class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much!! My nurses and staff loved your class and your teaching style. It was really informative and helpful.

    Director of Camp - 07/02/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for your excellent presentation – everyone who attended feels much better prepared should they encounter an emergency situation.

    We really appreciate your expertise!


    Director of Large Church and School

    Director of Religious Organization - 05/15/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much, the class was great and I think we all got a lot out of it.

    Law Office General Manager - 05/10/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Everyone spoke well of the training.
    Thanks for making a difficult topic accessible and non-traumatic.

    Director of Library - 05/08/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    It was great to have you as usual. Thank you for your time and expertise!

    I look forward to your next visit (and of course the mail with the certificates!

    Education Director - 05/02/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,
    It was great to see as always- the guys always enjoy your class.


    Upper Management of Fortune 500 Company - 04/20/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Thank you so much Chris,
    It’s always a pleasure to see you, and thank you for making something so Important, enjoyable.
    Your classes are always great!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Owner of Food Company

    Warm Regards,

    Owner of Large Food catering Company - 04/15/23

  • CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you to you and Christine for coming to the office this morning. The class was great and very informative. I have attached the list of all participants.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of the day!

    Large Swimware Manufacturing Company - 04/14/23

    Good morning Chris!

    It was a great class, thank you so much for coming back.

    See you next year!

    Director of Large Resturant and Catering Company - 04/12/23

  • CPR/AED /First Aid
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for being you! I received several thank you’s for having the class. They loved it.

    Enjoy your days as well.


    HR Manager of International Firm - 02/11/23