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  • Thanks again also for your consideration in working with us – we really appreciate it, especially since as a non-profit youth serving organization, we try to spend every dollar we can on serving the girls, and you have contributed to that effort!

    Take care, and I’ll speak to you when I get the unit –

    Youth Organization - 05/04/22

  • Certification class
    As always Chris thank you for a wonderful lesson.

    Office Manager of large Corporation - 04/04/22

  • CA Event
    Thank you Sir! I received the code summary.

    It was nice speaking with you this morning. I greatly appreciate you stepping in and assisting the patient with your AED. I am glad you identified the issue with the other company's AED, brought your AED into the mix and expressed your concerns about it to those on the scene. It certainly sounded like a team effort to save the individual.

    I have worked in EMS for nearly 42 years as both a BLS provider 1980 and as an ALS provider since 1983. I can greatly appreciate the fact that it was a chaotic scene. Clearly your persistence prevailed and ultimately led to the patient's positive outcome. If I can get an update, I will let you know.

    I also want to thank you for allowing my crew to keep your AED on the patient until he was delivered to the E.D.

    I will also pass your kind words to to my Crew.

    Thanks again.

    NJ EMS

    EMS General Manager - 03/16/22

  • Adult / child CPR/AED class
    Hi Dr. Byron,

    The staff was very happy and proud to receive their certificates…for real! They each beamed! So thank you for once again making this interesting and fun.

    Please see the signed NOI and CA.

    Best regards,


    Director of large International Company - 02/27/20

  • First Aid Class
    Hi Chris & Marilyn,

    Thanks so much for the First Aid class. You were great!

    Please send me a quote for the tourniquets. We have to do a Purchase Order and then we can order them.


    Chief Executive Officer

    CEO - 02/26/20

  • CPR/AED and First Aid
    Thank you for a great class. Our teammates really gained so much , you and Marilyn really make it very relatable .


    Clinical Director

    Clinical Director - 02/24/20

  • CPR/AED HCP Class
    Hello Chris,

    Thank you again for an amazing class. We really enjoyed it.

    US Navy OSC - 12/20/19

  • Adult / child CPR/AED class
    Hi Chris,

    Yes, that class went well as always. You are always so entertaining so it makes the class go quick.

    Director of HR of large Queen's Manufacturing Company - 12/05/19

  • Adult / child CPR/AED class
    Good Morning Chris,

    The class was great! Marilyn and staff did a wonderful job.

    Director of Nassau SD - 11/06/19

  • CPR/AEDCertification Classes
    Thank you! You always give a very informative session that is enjoyed by all who attend. We love having you come in each year.

    Office Manager

    Director of HR of large National Company - 10/21/19

    Thanks again Chris for a very informative course. Have a great rest of your year.

    Director of Radiology Facility - 09/20/19


    Your class was the best CPR class I’ve attended and I would definitely recommend to anybody.

    Thanks again!

    LI Teacher - 09/03/19

  • CPR/AED Certification Classes
    Thank you Chris for conducting such an informative and exciting class.

    Director of HR of large LI Company - 08/22/19

  • CPR/AED Certification Classes
    Thanks again Chris for another great training experience! I will post the signs today!

    Director of a College - 07/10/19

    Thank you once again for a wonderful class!!! You received wonderful reviews.

    Director of Pa Camp - 06/23/19

  • CPR/AED Certifications
    Hi Chris,

    It was an honor to meet with you and participate in the group. I found your knowledge rewarding and a gift.

    HR Manager,

    Suffolk County

    Suffolk County Manufacturing Company HR Manager - 05/03/19

  • CPR/AED Certifications
    The nurses said you were wonderful!!!

    You can send everything to me. I'll get it to them.

    Thanks again,

    Nassau County Athletic Director - 05/01/19

  • CPR/AED Certifications
    Good Afternoon Chris,

    The class was great and you always make the time go quickly.

    Thank you for the attachments.

    Director of a Suffolk County Library - 04/08/19

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the kind words. Everyone looks forward to training. You are an excellent instructor.

    Upper Management of large Suffolk County Coorporation - 01/30/19

  • CPR/AED Certifications

    Thank you very much for your service on 01/16/19, I think the training went great. I will download the digital certs for my records.

    Director of Security of NY College - 01/16/19

  • The feedback from the nurses was exceedingly positive they appreciated your scope of training while encouraging collegial dialogue.
    It was a pleasure working with you.


    Director of Pupil Personnel Services

    - 11/05/18