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About Us


We have certified 1000s of students, installed over a thousand AEDs, implemented hundreds of PAD/AED programs, and provided thorough training and medical direction in many schools, camps, corporations, recreational and sporting facilities, and religious organizations nationally. Our Instructors are dedicated individuals who have been volunteers with the Emergency Medical Services, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, ECSI, professional and para-professionals, as well as, dedicated, community minded individuals. Our credits include “Rescuer of the Year” (2 times), NY State Proclamation for Volunteering and Life Saving, Top Responder Awards in Rescue, national recipient of the “Doing It Right Award”, and featured articles in Newsday, NY times, and Tele-Care Network. Our organization consists of individuals serving in our fire departments, ambulance services, and police services for over 20 years. Our Medical Directors are dedicated, on-call doctors, with a passion to implement the programs we offer.

These important considerations should now provide you with the understanding and rationale for choosing NICE. 


Nationwide Instruction for Cardiovascular Education, Inc., (NICE, Inc.), Ms. Marilyn Byron EMT-CC and Dr. Christopher S. Byron have been educating and training in first response since 1996. NICE continues to provide the most advanced life saving equipment for emergency medical situations. where CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), First Aid, Epi-pens, Oxygen, and AED (Automated External Defibrillation) could save lives. Special emphasis has been on continuing education in CPR, AED, First Aid, Oxygen Administration,   Epi-pen Administration and Responding to Emergencies.

We are a NYS WBE Certified TURN-KEY operation providing Medical Direction, Equipment, and Instruction with AHA, ECSI, ARC, and NYS Certifications. Our All American Made Defibtech AEDs provide adult and pediatric monitoring with optional ECG, heart rate and text messaging capabilities. NICE, Inc. offers every brand and model of AED at the lowest prices available, as well as, emergency medical equipment including Oxygen delivery systems, First Aid and Fast Response kits, barrier devices and gloves, Epi-pens, etc.


This company has been created and is dedicated in loving memory of Ronnie Robbins, who died of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest), at a friend’s home.

Our friend’s death has changed our lives and has saved many other lives by the formation of this company and the thousands who have been trained in his memory…..

Marilyn and Chris Byron